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Merrillville Work Injury Lawyer

Compensation For Victims Of Workplace Accidents

Most employees in Indiana are covered by workers’ compensation insurance that provides benefits in the event of a workplace accident. When that accident is caused by the negligence of a third party, such as a contractor or equipment supplier, the injured person can seek additional compensation for lost income and emotional suffering.

Attorney Robert A. Plantz vigorously seeks compensation for clients in workers’ compensation and third-party claims. Our firm’s goal in every case is to obtain maximum compensation for our client from all possible sources, including the workers’ compensation system and any negligent party or parties.

To schedule a free consultation (excluding landlord-tenant requests) with a workplace accident lawyer, contact Robert A. Plantz and his experienced staff.

Do You Have A Third-Party Claim?

Examples of third-party claims include accidents caused by defective equipment, negligence on the part of a contractor or subcontractor, or motor vehicle accidents that occur while you are on the job.

Our firm will undertake a comprehensive investigation to determine how the accident happened, establish the liability of the responsible party and document the full extent of your financial losses and emotional suffering. Robert A. Plantz will work tirelessly to obtain maximum compensation for you.

Porter County And Lake County Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Our firm can handle both your workers’ compensation and third-party claim. If you have already retained a workers’ compensation attorney, we will work closely with that attorney to coordinate our efforts and to maximize the total benefits and compensation you receive.

Free Consultation (Excluding Landlord-Tenant Requests) With An Attorney

Contact Robert A. Plantz for a free consultation (excluding landlord-tenant requests) with a Merrillville work injury attorney.

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