How Is Paternity Established In Indiana?

If you have a child, you already know the great joys and sacrifices you will experience for his or her sake. If your child was born while you were not married to the other parent, you may also have additional struggles and heartache, especially if the child’s paternity is in question.

At Robert A. Plantz & Associates, LLC, we understand what is at stake when paternity issues arise. Robert A. Plantz & Associates, LLC has helped many parents in Merrillville resolve these matters, and he is ready to assist you when you contact our offices.

Why Is It Important To Establish Paternity?

Thankfully, a child born out of wedlock is no longer called illegitimate. However, if the other parent disputes the child’s paternity, the child may lack many legal benefits, such as:

Without establishing paternity, the father may surrender his parental rights including the right to form a strong and lasting bond with his child and the right to any authority over major decisions about the child’s upbringing.

Helping Parents Meet Their Goals

If both parents agree about the identity of the father, legitimation is usually a simple process. However, if there is a dispute, you may need to file a paternity case in court. Robert A. Plantz & Associates, LLC has experience offering vigorous representation for these and other situations:

  • A mother seeking financial support from the man she believes is the child’s father
  • A man trying to claim parental rights
  • A child who wants to know who is the biological father
  • A man seeking to prove he is not the father of a child

There are critical steps you must take as quickly as possible before or after the child is born. Attorney Plantz is skilled in these matters and can guide you through the process to help you meet your goals with discretion and sensitivity.

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