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What is a bifurcation in an Indiana divorce?

There are many aspects of an Indiana divorce and people who are in the middle of such an upheaval are not expected to immediately understand all of them. While some cases are contentious, others are relatively amicable. Many fall somewhere in between. If the couple has certain issues about which they can agree and others that are in dispute, there are ways to have a smooth divorce process that addresses contested and uncontested issues. Understanding what the law says about this is critical to using it effectively and a law firm experienced in family legal cases can help.

What does Indiana law say about joint legal child custody?

Child custody disputes can be an emotional. People who are ending their marriage often think about how much time they will spend with their children while wanting them to live in a stable and nurturing environment with as little disruption as possible. Although the law requires family law courts to issue child custody orders based on the best interests of the child involved, during a divorce lingering issues between a child's parents can make it difficult to come to an acceptable resolution to a child custody dispute.

Planning ahead can help when divorcing during retirement

You may be someone who has become more vocal about what you want in life as you have aged. Now that you are reaching your retirement years, you may feel that the time has come to make some major changes in your life in efforts to live more happily. In particular, you may feel that the time has come to end your marriage.

A qualified lawyer can help with child and spousal support

In an Indiana divorce, support issues will come to the forefront. This is true for child support and spousal support. Taking care of children and serving their best interests is an obvious need. Most parents will be more than happy to provide for a child after a divorce. The custodial parent will need these payments to care for the child. However, there can be disputes about the amount. Regarding spousal support, it is often more complex. There could be lingering issues between the parties and disagreements as to how much will be paid and the duration. With these concerns and any other issue that is likely to arise in a divorce proceeding, legal help is key.

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