A qualified lawyer can help with child and spousal support

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In an Indiana divorce, support issues will come to the forefront. This is true for child support and spousal support. Taking care of children and serving their best interests is an obvious need. Most parents will be more than happy to provide for a child after a divorce. The custodial parent will need these payments to care for the child. However, there can be disputes about the amount. Regarding spousal support, it is often more complex. There could be lingering issues between the parties and disagreements as to how much will be paid and the duration. With these concerns and any other issue that is likely to arise in a divorce proceeding, legal help is key.

There are many factors with child support. Of course, income is one. What must also be considered is the number of times a child stays overnight with the noncustodial parent. Providing health care and adhering to the child’s educational requirements will be calculated in the support order. While a formula will be used as a basic guideline, there is always nuance. Whether it is from the perspective of the custodial or noncustodial parent, examining the entire situation will be a foundational part of a support order and that can be achieved with legal advice.

Spousal support is important too. For some, there will be an order that spousal support be paid permanently. This will be in a case where a spouse was disabled while the couple was married. Under the law, there can also be spousal support ordered for as long as three years so the receiving spouse gains the education or vocational experience to get a job and self-support. There could even be an agreement between the parties where there is no spousal support. Perhaps in exchange for a marital home, that accommodation could be reached. Taxes, finances and more will be assessed as part of a spousal support determination.

When there is a divorce, a litany of legal factors must be gauged. Child and spousal support are counted among the most frequently combative and acrimonious parts of a case. For help with dealing with these complicated issues, it is important to have legal advice. A law firm experienced in family law might be able to help.

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