Is birdnesting a realistic solution?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | Child Custody

One potential child custody solution that parents may be interested in using is known as birdnesting. With a traditional child custody schedule, the parents each have their own home and the children spend time living in each location. But with birdnesting, the children always stay in the same home, and it is the parents who move in and out.

This is a nontraditional setup, and it has some advantages and drawbacks. Let’s take a quick look at both sides.

Creating stability for your children

The main reason that parents like to do this is because it gives the children greater stability. They always know that they have their toys, clothes and other belongings at their house. They may not even have to move at all during the divorce, if they stay in the marital home. This can give them a sense of security and make it easier for them to adjust to the divorce.

It can be very expensive

The downside to birdnesting is the cost. First off, the parents have to pay for and maintain a home for the children. They will have to find some solution to cover utilities, property taxes and other such costs jointly, even after the divorce. On top of that, each parent needs to have a place to live when it is not their turn to have custody.

This means that birdnesting may be an ideal solution for those who can afford it, while it may not be a realistic option at all for others. This is why it’s important to sit down and carefully look through all of the different options you have when your marriage ends.

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