What should you know about gray divorce?

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Gray divorce refers to the end of marriage between people who are 50 and older. This presents unique challenges. As people age, their financial and personal circumstances change, which makes gray divorce a complex process.

The emotional and psychological impacts of a gray divorce are also important. For many, this life change can be a time of significant stress and adjustment, as it often coincides with other life transitions.

Property division considerations

Property division in gray divorces can be complicated because couples often accumulate significant shared assets. These include real estate, investments and personal belongings.

Equitably dividing these assets requires careful consideration to ensure both parties receive a fair share. This process often involves professionals to navigate the intricacies of asset valuation and division.

Retirement account division

Retirement accounts are a considerable asset in gray divorce. These accounts, including 401(k)s, IRAs and pensions may require significant planning because of legal regulations to avoid penalties and minimize taxes. These divisions require either a qualified domestic relations order or a transfer incident to divorce.

Returning to the workforce is possible

Another challenge in gray divorce is the potential need to return to work. Often, retirement plans are designed with the assumption of supporting one household. However, the same resources may need to stretch to support two households after the divorce.

This financial strain can be particularly daunting for individuals who have been out of the workforce or those who face age-related barriers to employment. For many, returning to work involves updating skills, revising resumes and often starting in a new field or position.

Anyone going through a gray divorce should ensure they understand the options they have. This enables them to make the best decisions possible for their circumstances.

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