Could spending too much lead to divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce and financial issues are often closely related. Financial problems can be a major source of stress for a couple. When these are unresolved, that stress can slowly cause the marriage to break down.

But could something as simple as spending too much money really cause these problems? Below are two ways that this could lead to a divorce.

Insurmountable debt

First and foremost, overspending can create very realistic problems where couples have more debt than they can afford to pay. In one study, 54% of people claimed they would at least think about divorce if their partner had a lot of debt.

It could also create a situation where debt on credit cards is so extensive that the couple has trouble paying more important costs, like the mortgage or the rent. If one person feels like the other person is responsible for most of these financial issues, they may eventually seek a divorce if things don’t change.

Spending and saving

Another thing to consider is that people have different perspectives about how they should use money. If one person is a spender at heart, they may not even feel like they are spending that much money. But if the other person is a saver, they may feel that the spending levels are reckless and financially dangerous. Couples who have such opposing positions, if they can’t compromise, may end up getting divorced.

When financial issues lead to divorce, it can be an indicator that there will be a number of significant financial questions during property division. It’s important for these couples to understand their legal options.

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