What to do when your spouse asks for a divorce

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Your spouse asking for a divorce is probably not a conversation you expected in your marriage. Whether you saw it coming or are blindsided, this can be challenging. 

You may want to save the marriage, that is, if you don’t want the divorce, which may be possible, but chances are your spouse has thought about this matter for a long time before raising it. Thus, you may need to accept the circumstances.

This guide discusses what to do when your spouse wants a divorce:

Obtain more information

Immediately after learning your spouse wants a divorce, you should obtain more information about the best divorce option for your case, the process, your finances and the best interests of your kids, if you have any. When you have adequate information, you will know the steps to take. 

Take control of the situation

Although you may be confused, you should take control of the situation. Being educated can help you attain this. Additionally, it helps to seek support. Going to therapy and joining a local support group can provide you with the tools to take calculated steps. Further, consider spending time with loved ones.

Keeping your emotions in check is also vital. Although divorce can be emotional, making decisions based on emotions may be unwise. You should approach most of the processes like a business transaction to get an outcome you hoped for.

Nonetheless, you should have fair requests and be willing to compromise in certain aspects, so your spouse can get a fair outcome as well and, in turn, have a peaceful process.

If your spouse is certain they want a divorce, it may be time to get legal guidance to protect your interests.    


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