You should consider a different type of arrangement for shared custody

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The standard custody schedule in Indiana when the parents equally split physical custody is that the children move from one parent’s home to the other’s each week. However, experts think that you should consider a different type of custody schedule in order to reduce some of the negative effects on the children. They warn that the traditional schedule may not be in the best interests of the children.

The negative effects on the children

As a parent, you may underestimate what it does to a child to be apart from one parent for an entire week. It can cause the child some separation anxiety when they know they have to say goodbye for seven days. The physical distance for long periods of time could also cause a gulf between the child and one or both parents. This would be a defense mechanism that they have for dealing with their situation.

The logistical challenges of this schedule

If you do not have a good relationship with the other parent, know that this type of schedule would require you have more phone contact with them as the children will need to speak with them frequently while they are separated. You may also find that your employer will not give you the flexibility that you need to have sole responsibility for the child’s comings and goings for seven days in a row. It could mean that you need to arrive late or leave early frequently.

Experts are recommending that you can still split custody down the middle while rotating the children more frequently between their parents’ homes. Your attorney may help you negotiate this type of custody arrangement with the other parent. Since this may be thought of as a non-traditional arrangement, it may take some doing to get the other parent to agree. Your attorney might offer suggestions and handle the day-to-day discussions with the other parent’s attorney in order to assist you with obtaining this type of agreement.

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