Tips on asking for a child support modification in Indiana

| Aug 3, 2020 | Child And Spousal Support

In certain situations, co-parents in Indiana might need to request a child support modification. This could be necessary when the original agreed-upon amount is no longer sufficient. Parents should be cautious when requesting a modification as there may be limits on how many they can make per year. However, an extreme situation like a sudden illness befalling the child may leave a parent with no other choice.

Parents who have custody may request a support modification if their child has a sudden illness or increased school expenses that require extra funds. They may also request a modification if the other parent’s income has drastically increased in recent months. However, custodial parents should be cautious when asking for modifications because some courts only allow one adjustment per two or three years.

For non-custodial parents, they may request a child support modification if they lost their job or experienced a sharp income decrease that makes it difficult for them to meet the current payment amount. However, if the court doesn’t think that their income has dropped sharply enough, the case may be denied. Non-custodial parents must be prepared to have strong documentation that shows that their income has decreased in recent months.

Parents interested in requesting a child support modification may talk to a lawyer to figure out the best course of action. An attorney could help them determine if a request is appropriate, and if so, what kind of documentation they need to have the court potentially accept the request. The lawyer can also help them collect the strongest evidence to show that they need an increased or decreased amount in child support payments.

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