How long does it take to officially divorce in Indiana?

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People can get married in a matter of minutes in certain states, but ending a marriage will typically take much longer. Reaching the decision to file for divorce could take months. You may try to work through your marital issues first, only to eventually realize that your marital challenges are simply insurmountable.

Once you file for divorce, you are in this awkward, transitional state where you don’t really feel married anymore but you still technically are. You and your spouse may engage in a cold war where you share a space but barely talk to each other. One of you may move out, and it could be a struggle to remain calm during custody exchanges.

Many people would prefer to complete the process of divorcing as quickly as possible. What is the fastest timeline for a divorce in Indiana?

There is a mandatory waiting period

While the media may have glamorized the idea of the one-day divorce or the weekend divorce, that isn’t an option for someone in Indiana. State law requires that a judge wait at least 60 days after one spouse files the initial divorce paperwork to approve and finalize the divorce filing. Having children will not increase the waiting period.

In other words, at the very quickest, the formal divorce process will require at least two months. Often, a longer wait than that is necessary, as the courts may have more demand on their time than available courtrooms and judges. Especially when spouses need to litigate and therefore require in-depth consideration from a judge, the divorce process may take potentially longer than two months.

How can you speed up the divorce process?

Filing an uncontested divorce is the simplest way to divorce as quickly as possible. When the two of you agree on the terms of your divorce, a judge’s review is a technical requirement, but you won’t need to endure lengthy litigation. The judge can look at the paperwork and then sign off on everything, formally dissolving the marital relationship.

It may be worth attempting mediation or other collaborative divorce efforts to reduce conflict and potentially speed up the divorce process. Learning about the statutory rules imposed on Indiana divorces can help you prepare for the major changes in the near future.

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