Why moving after a divorce can cause depression in children

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Parents who have filed for divorce might start to notice symptoms of depression in their children, particularly if they have to move to a new area in Indiana. Signs of depression might include excessive crying, loss of interest in hobbies, insomnia, guilty feelings, overeating or undereating, clinging to the parent and a sudden academic decline. Throughout the moving process, parents should look for these symptoms and act accordingly to treat the depression as soon as possible.

Why moving to a new area can trigger depression

When they move to a new area after a divorce, children might feel depressed for several reasons. They might miss seeing their old friends and have trouble making new ones. The process can be particularly difficult if the child is introverted. If they have trouble making friends, they might become quiet and withdrawn. The process of switching schools can also cause depression, as the child might feel overwhelmed by adjusting to a new house, school, teacher, schedule and peer group in the middle of the school year.

Moving to a new area can also compound the child’s existing stress over the divorce. The child might feel depressed because they have to adjust to a totally new family structure that doesn’t allow them to see both parents every day. They might feel trapped, isolated or even angry. It’s important for parents to empathize with their children and try to understand their feelings as much as possible.

How to find assistance with child custody conflicts

An individual struggling to negotiate child custody and visitation rights might want to speak with an attorney. A lawyer could help them negotiate for full custody, partial custody or visitation rights with the other party. Legal counsel can also assist in other matters like grandparent custody and paternity issues.

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