In the past, Indiana couples have hesitated when it comes to signing a prenuptial agreement. This important document has acquired a negative stigma over the years as people hesitate to negotiate details of a divorce before the wedding. There are many reasons why soon-to-be-married individuals consider crafting a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements used to be thought of as a tool that existed to help the rich. However, all one really needs is some assets to make a prenuptial agreement worthwhile. Even if someone is not yet making money but is starting a business that he or she anticipates will be profitable, that person should consider this option. A prenuptial agreement will not only serve to protect people’s assets, but it will also reduce some of the expenses and stress in case the marriage fails.

Millennials are opting to sign prenuptial agreements in larger numbers. They have waited longer to get married and may have more assets to their name at the time of their weddings. Moreover, they may have watched their parents go through bitter divorces and want to avoid the same experience. In any event, people are starting to learn the value of a prenuptial agreement and how it can help them. Everyone, not just millennials, should hope for the best and plan for the worst when they get married. It is realism and not alarmism.

When considering the value of prenuptial agreements and how they can help, one should consult with a divorce attorney. Even though someone who is getting married may not want to go anywhere near a divorce lawyer, this person could help him or her negotiate the agreement. An individual will need legal help to emerge with a durable agreement that will be enforced in court in case it is challenged.

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