The best way to help prepare a divorce lawyer

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Divorce

When a spouse goes to see an Indiana lawyer to begin the divorce process, they should be organized and prepared. This will allow the attorney to get right down to business in handling the legal aspects. Moreover, it can help save money since the lawyer won’t have to asks as many questions.

The best way to get started is to provide the attorney with all the documents that they need to get an idea of the contours of the marital estate. This will include information about the assets and debts that the couple holds.

The first thing to assemble is the couple’s tax returns and pay stubs. If possible, a client should give as much information as possible about the other spouse’s income. They should also provide the attorney with every possible account statement. This will include bank and investment account statements. Moreover, they should give documentation about all of the assets, including the couple’s home and cars. The more the lawyer knows, the greater their ability to speed up the settlement negotiation process. They’ll also be well prepared if the other spouse tries to act deceptively when it comes to disclosing assets. Moreover, if the divorce does end up in court, the attorney will be very familiar with the entire case file.

Deciding to hire a divorce attorney will already put a soon-to-be ex-spouse one step ahead of the game. The attorney could help the client get organized so they are readily able to formulate a strategy to settle the divorce. The party that’s the most prepared will have the edge in the proceedings. Getting out ahead of the process may also help lower one’s stress level during an inherently tumultuous process.

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