Why parental alienation happens and how to stop it

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When you are a single parent in Indiana, one of the worst things that you can do in the eyes of the court is something that could serve to alienate the child from their other parent. A judge may take firm action against the alienating parent that can include changing the custody agreement to cut or eliminate the child’s time with that parent. It is important to understand how this type of behavior originates.

The causes of parental alienation

The root cause of parental alienation is one parent that has both the need and craving for attention from the children as well as a compulsion to take revenge on the other parent for some perceived slights. The parent then enters into a type of co-dependent relationship with the children where the kids provide them with the reassurance and support that they desperately need while they tell falsehoods and other negative things to the children.

How to undo the effects of parental alienation

Unfortunately, it may take some doing to undo the negative effects of parental alienation. This may call for a combination of therapy and strong court action to stop it from occurring. The judge may need to get involved to prevent further alienation from occurring, and it may even mean that the alienating parent can no longer see their children. At the same time, the children themselves will need to resist the allure of the parent who is badmouthing the other one. In some cases, children will facilitate and perpetuate the pattern of conduct by enabling the parent.

If you suspect that the other parent is systematically undermining or badmouthing you to the children, you may be able to take legal action to halt the behavior. You should consult with a divorce attorney to learn your legal options. Nothing angers a judge like parental alienation. Thus, if the other parent is behaving like this, your attorney may make the judge hold them accountable in court for what they have done.

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