Co-parenting isn’t always a situation that’s easy for the adults even though it’s usually the best situation for the children. There are things that can creep up that make the situation more complex that it might be for others in a similar situation.

One thing that can be challenging is when one co-parent isn’t willing to cooperate with the other one. Trying to work through this can feel like an uphill battle, so you have to come up with a plan that enables you to do what’s best for the children without risking your sanity.

When you’re dealing with a co-parent who can’t put their own agenda aside, you have to choose your battles carefully. Not every disagreement with the other adult is one that’s going to be worth the effort necessary to get your way. Instead of jumping right into the fight, you can take a step back and look at how the situation is impacting your children.

The battles that are worth fighting are usually the ones that put the children’s health or safety in jeopardy. When either of those aspects of the child’s life are in jeopardy, speaking up is usually the better idea. If they aren’t in any danger, it might be best to just let your ex have their way in the matter.

Another situation that might be worth speaking up about is when the court order isn’t being followed. In this case, asking your ex to be compliant is likely a suitable step. The parenting plan is your guide for what needs to happen with the children. If your ex blatantly refuses to follow it, heading to court might be a step you have to take.

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