Child and spousal support covers various educational issues

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When an Indiana couple divorces and the child and spousal support amounts are determined, people will wonder how various factors will be weighed when the amount is calculated. The basic requirement is that the child’s needs are served and their best interests are adhered to. However, there is a significant amount of wiggle room in that categorization.

Confusion is common and people are frequently unaware of what they can receive from the supporting spouse and why. On the other side of the coin, the paying spouse might not know what they are paying for. Having legal help can be useful to sift through these issues. Education is a critical part of child support, but it can be complex as to how much will be paid. The law states when this can be included in the order.

Regarding education, it can include elementary, secondary and postsecondary schooling. The following will be considered when the amount is decided upon: the child’s ability and aptitude; how much the child can contribute to the cost; and the parents’ ability to meet the costs. Regarding the child’s contribution, that means whether he or she can and will work; if loans will be obtained; and if there are other sources of financial aid available.

When there is a court order for child support linked to the educational expenses incurred by the child enrolling at a postsecondary institution, the child support order will be reduced if there is overlap by the educational support order and it would be paid to the custodial parent.

A child’s education is key to their future. However, after a divorce, there can be disputes as to what must be paid for in furthering that education and how it will be added to the support order. When there is a disagreement about any issue related to child and spousal support, it can invite rancor and major problems between the parties. A law firm that is experienced in family law might be of assistance in dealing with these concerns.

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