When is a prenuptial agreement the right course of action?

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Getting ready to walk down the aisle is an exciting time, but as you plan for your wedding, you may also want to take steps to protect your long-term interests as well. During this time of preparation, you may want to consider the benefits of drafting a prenuptial agreement. This is a smart way for you to lower your risk of legal complications in the future.

Through a prenuptial agreement, you can outline how certain things will work in the event of a divorce. It may seem counterintuitive to plan for the end of a marriage before you even marry, but this can be a smart step for many reasons. Taking precautions now can help you avoid problems down the road. Prenuptial agreements can be useful legal protections for Indiana couples of all ages and income levels.

Benefits of this type of legal agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that outlines how property division will work and addresses other divorce-related issues. It can also allow a couple to spell out the financial obligations of each party during the marriage. While there are many benefits to having a prenuptial agreement, you may find it especially helpful for your situation if the following apply to you:

  • You own valuable property you want to clearly designate as separate property
  • You already have an estate plan in place and want to protect children from a previous marriage
  • You want to eliminate the chance of a fight over what property is eligible for division in a divorce
  • You want to make a potential divorce in the future simpler and easier, reducing the chance for costly litigation

Drafting a prenuptial agreement is not romantic, but it does have some practical benefits. Divorce sometimes leads to disputes over the terms of a prenuptial agreement, which is why it is beneficial ensure your agreement is strong and enforceable at the time of signing. 

Think about your future

It may seem out of the question now, but it is always smart to be prepared. Drafting a prenuptial agreement can allow you and your spouse to talk through important financial issues before you walk down the aisle. If you are unsure of how this type of legal agreement can benefit you or whether it’s necessary for your particular financial situation, it may help to talk through your concerns with an experienced family law attorney.

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