Advice about social media during a divorce

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For most people in Indiana and around the world, social media is an everyday part of their lives. This can be due to business needs, to keep up with family and friends, to check for news, or just to get a break from work or other requirements. When people are getting a divorce, it can even be perceived as a source of advice and comfort in seeking help from those who have gone through it themselves or as a sounding board. However, as with any relatively new aspect of life, it can be difficult to assess the damage that can be done with social media as part of a divorce proceeding. Having legal advice is imperative to understand dos and don’ts with social media.

People might make the mistake of venting on one of their social media platforms. This can be about the marriage, its breakdown, how the other spouse is behaving, what is happening with child custody and more. This, however, could be used in a negative way by the other spouse during the court proceeding to try and prove that the person is not being agreeable and does not want to settle the case amicably.

Other behaviors such a flirting, inappropriate jokes and more can be harmful. Not allowing the other spouse to see the posts by using the block button might seem like a useful solution, but that does not mean the other person or witnesses cannot see them and use them in the case. The account can even be subpoenaed.

For some, simply deleting their social media accounts could seem like the judicious step. That will look strange to the other party and to the court and might do more harm than good. It might be beneficial to decide not to post anything until the case is completed. That might extend to telling friends and family members not to discuss the case on social media. Although this sounds complicated, it will inevitably be beneficial for the case.

These issues were not problematic before the advent of social media where everyone appears to be sharing everything. Even those who are privacy-oriented and do not go overboard could face problems due to social media posts that are misconstrued. When preparing for a divorce case, it is matters such as these that can be the most complicated. Having help from a forward-thinking attorney who understands all areas of a divorce is critical to avoid struggles due to mistakes on social media and in other areas. Calling for a consultation is key to understanding this and being fully protected.

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